This blog will be weekly posts of the most fascinating findings Psychology has to offer summarised. It incorporates a philosophical twist on the interpretation of results and what they mean for human beings.

I’m 20 of years of age. I am not a professor, nor a scientist or a lecturer. I am just a full-time student studying Psychology. Therefore I wish to share this passion with those similar to me and successfully select the most relevant and interesting research.

Psychological findings just never fail to amaze me, the way the human brain thinks and interprets behaviour, and why we act the way we do. I find myself lost in conversations that plead questions to be asked and shocked by research that explains so many things that never even crossed my mind.

The issue is, that with so much out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint the most interesting findings. Also, for those who have a busy schedule, there isn’t enough time in the day to read a couple research papers in order to understand the breakthrough results.

It’s important to learn about our own minds.